Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22.2

So why is $90 my new favorite number? Because at the Glen Ellen Farmers Market last weekend I sold "Cati Cat" for that much (see picture of her with her new owner). Now, I did not price her, my booth-mate and good friend Heather, of <> , set the price for the doll (she knew I would price it for half that). Pricing my handmade goods is very difficult. Some things that look simple (cute stuffies) are really quite difficult and time consuming while others, that look hard to make (like jewelry) are really fast and easy. Of course how to price handmade, one of a kind art and craft is the subject of many workshops, blogs, and books. I have no advice to the artist who wants to sell her work. That said I am sure I will be revisiting this topic many times.

I am gonna miss this one, she was only about 2 weeks old.


  1. Cati Cat is awesome. I'm happy she found her forever home!

  2. Love this Kitty. What a gorgeous face, so worth the money and more. Looks like he went to a loving home. Molly

  3. You that price, the new owner's cost per smile and oz. of joy is very low so she got a real bargain, imho. :)