Monday, December 31, 2012


The first Fox of the new year is about to be born.  What color eyes would you pick for him?

Monday, December 10, 2012

The feeling of the holidays......

A bit of the moss on my tree, it is actually leafy! Have  you ever seen leafy moss?.

When the weather here in Marin finely gets cold, well colder, when the holidays start creeping up and the moss begins to grow and glow on this old crab apple tree right outside my door, it makes me want to needle felt! Needle felting is another one of the needle arts that I like because of its portability, all I need is a chair, a table, good light, and curious onlookers. This is why I enjoy sitting downtown Mill Valley at the Depot Cafe/bookstore or the Starbucks across from Tamalpias High School. I love explaining to onlookers how the repeated pokes of the very sharp barbed needle into the loose wool tangles up the wool into a dense fabric that I then sculpt with the tip of the same needle. An added bonus to felting in the coffee-shops is when on lookers ask "Where do you sell the stuff you make?" and I tell them  "Right here out of my basket, and that I take credit cards!" Everyone appreciates seeing an artist creating and having fun.

this guy was inspired by a Pinterest shot I saw of a Gnome made by  Laura Lee Burch, 

The snowgal and her friends are a big hit with the kids.

Felted Acorns, so easy to make and a chance to play with all kinds of colors.

Pictures of me at the Depot decorating a felted bowl with needle felted vines and flowers.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seems like an orange kind of day, week

Seems I keep reaching for the color orange lately, so I thought I would share. The cat is made from knee socks ($35), the pumpkin hat is infant sized, knitted in washable arcylic ($35), and the little owl with the orange crown and inquisitive eyes is crocheted ($20).

Game one 2012 World Series go Giants

I had so much fun watching the World Series and being inspired by 3 home runs! Knitted Sam the Fan while watching the game. I had some help from my husband, he suggested the beard. Did the trick don't you think?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22.2

So why is $90 my new favorite number? Because at the Glen Ellen Farmers Market last weekend I sold "Cati Cat" for that much (see picture of her with her new owner). Now, I did not price her, my booth-mate and good friend Heather, of <> , set the price for the doll (she knew I would price it for half that). Pricing my handmade goods is very difficult. Some things that look simple (cute stuffies) are really quite difficult and time consuming while others, that look hard to make (like jewelry) are really fast and easy. Of course how to price handmade, one of a kind art and craft is the subject of many workshops, blogs, and books. I have no advice to the artist who wants to sell her work. That said I am sure I will be revisiting this topic many times.

I am gonna miss this one, she was only about 2 weeks old.

May 22, 2012

Well it's taking a while for me to  finish ( time will tell) this creature of the orange and black. It took all this while for him to tell me what kind of nose and, it turns out, mustache he wanted. See the two pictures -arms came first and then the nose and 'stash.  He will soon be telling tales of adventure on etsy where I will post him up for adoption at the modest fee of $90 ( my new magic number). 

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I want to share how I feel about making things with my hands. About the people and things that inspire me. Writing and taking pictures are not really my thing, that said, I have wanted to share with other makers in the world for a long time now.  Please visit with me when you can, and drop me a note so I know  who you are and maybe you will share with me your feelings about making things with your hands.

Getting started:

the Process - large tabby?
 OK it is late, 12:30 pm gotta be up at 7 but I want to share what I have been working on these last few days. It is a large  version of a "danger doll" I will put a link to Danger's site when I figure out how to do that. I have put ears and arms on him/her and will update soon with pictures.