Monday, December 10, 2012

The feeling of the holidays......

A bit of the moss on my tree, it is actually leafy! Have  you ever seen leafy moss?.

When the weather here in Marin finely gets cold, well colder, when the holidays start creeping up and the moss begins to grow and glow on this old crab apple tree right outside my door, it makes me want to needle felt! Needle felting is another one of the needle arts that I like because of its portability, all I need is a chair, a table, good light, and curious onlookers. This is why I enjoy sitting downtown Mill Valley at the Depot Cafe/bookstore or the Starbucks across from Tamalpias High School. I love explaining to onlookers how the repeated pokes of the very sharp barbed needle into the loose wool tangles up the wool into a dense fabric that I then sculpt with the tip of the same needle. An added bonus to felting in the coffee-shops is when on lookers ask "Where do you sell the stuff you make?" and I tell them  "Right here out of my basket, and that I take credit cards!" Everyone appreciates seeing an artist creating and having fun.

this guy was inspired by a Pinterest shot I saw of a Gnome made by  Laura Lee Burch, 

The snowgal and her friends are a big hit with the kids.

Felted Acorns, so easy to make and a chance to play with all kinds of colors.

Pictures of me at the Depot decorating a felted bowl with needle felted vines and flowers.

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