Monday, April 14, 2014

I made this

March 2014
I made this.
Meet  Billy the Goat of Many Colors
 Me and Billy at the reception for the delegates of the Mohair Council of South Africa held March 2014 at "7 On Locust" in Mill Valley << >>

Just want to share a little bit of the my process in making Billy. 

 the frame is chicken wire with PVC tubes for legs (thank you Kathy); then I covered the wire with Duct Tape and over that I stitched on a "skin of knitted cotton" that I made on my LK150 knitting machine.

this is a close up of the head wrapped in Duct Tape, covered in knitted skin; the horns have been fitted with an old pair of opera length Kid Leather opera gloves.

a view of his underbelly and not so private parts......
Of course his luxurious long and colorful coat is made of Be Sweet South African Mohair yarn , applied to the knitted skin a few strands at a time using a crochet hook  with the help of my studio mate and fellow crafter Heather's another look

photo by Heather Graef

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